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Für Apotheken, Pflegeheime, Krankenhäuser, Labore in der Arzneimittelherstellung, Tierarztpraxen und sonstige Institute in der Pharmaindustrie.

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Perforated Blisters and Seals

With the development of the 'internet of things' and the development of SMART technologies to aid medication compliance MEDI-Clear has developed a useful technology to support our customer's developments with our SMARTseals.

How it works
The seal is printed with an electrical circuit that is routed from an electronic tag to each pull-tab.

When the pull-tab and corresponding window are pulled away from the tray, the electrical circuit corresponding to that specific cavity is broken and the change in resistance monitored by a tag.

In this manner, the time when each cavity was accessed can be recorded and compared to the time slot that the medication should have been taken.

If you're thinking of going 'SMART' please contact us to see how we can help.