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MEDI-Clear Filling and Sealing Instructions

You will need the following items:

MEDI-Clear® Multi Dose Tray, Seal, Card or Paper Insert, Platen and Hand Roller

Step 1

Place the tray in the platen and fill with the correct medication.

Step 2

Remove the top peel strip from the seal.

Step 3

Attach seal to the tray using the 2 x corner location features at the top of the tray.

Step 4

Remove the remaining backing material from the seal and smooth the seal over the tray using the hand roller, applying firm pressure to the whole surface of the seal.

Step 5

Check to see if all the pull-tabs are now protruding from the top surface of the tray. If not, re-apply the hand roller over the area(s) concerned.

Step 6

Affix the appropriate pharmacy medication labels to the back of the card, stating colour, shape, code and type of medication where shown. Complete the patient details on the front of the card and fit securely into the lid.

Your MEDI-Clear Multidose Pack is now complete!

Important Please Note:

Only use the hand roller supplied with the MEDI-Clear® Multi Dose packs, as it is made with a soft foam rubber designed to conform to the protrusions on the trays. Other types of hand roller will not work with the MEDI-Clear® Multi Dose system and should be discarded.