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MEDI-Clear Multidose Patient User Guide

The MEDI-Clear® pack is designed with protruding pull-tabs for easy access to the enclosed medication.

Please follow these simple steps for use.

Always store the pack in a cool dry place when not in use. Feel free to contact your local pharmacy for a demonstration or for further information and advice.

Step 1

Check that the pack has your name and address shown on the front. If it doesn’t, return it to your pharmacist immediately. Make sure you commence with the pack marked Week 1.

Step 2

Open the lid and look for the protruding pull-tabs in the top right hand corner of each pocket.

Step 3

Select the pocket with the correct day and time shown on the seal.

Step 4

To access the enclosed medication, grasp the relevant pull-tab and remove the clear window over the pocket.

Step 5

Dispense the enclosed medication into a suitable container prior to use.

Pill Wizard - Exclusive to MEDI-Clear

If a patient finds it dificult to access their tablets contact MEDI-Clear® about the Pill Wizard®.

This is a handy cup which fits into a MEDI-Clear® compartment, allowing patients to tip the pack over, letting their tablets drop in.

Also great for carers who help with medicines.

More advice for MEDI-Clear Multidose Patients

  • Always commence taking medication with the pack marked ‘Week 1’, and follow the remaining weeks in the correct order.
  • The labels on the inside cover of the pack detail the specific medication and dosage information.
  • Only remove medication corresponding to the current day and time.
  • Liquids and certain medication will not be included in the MEDI-Clear® Multidose pack.
  • Allow the dispensing pharmacy at least two days to prepare the next MEDI-Clear® Multidose pack.
  • Please ensure that the patient's GP is aware they are using the MEDI-Clear® Multidose system.